2 Top 10 Proofreading Techniques

Have you done with your own essay writing? Are you still confused with what you have written makes sense or not? Then proof-read it! Proof-reading is an art to fine-tune your writing. For a good writer, you need to minimise the chances of error in your writing. Following are a few quick steps to proofread your essay:

  1. Rest for a while after Writing:

Writing an essay is not an essay task, it needs a lot of energy and effort so, after writing an essay you are already stressed out. Take some time to relax your mind; you may take a relaxing bath, a small walk, a little break for your meal or take a small nap. Proofreading right after writing is less effective in contrast to doing it with a fresh mind.

  1. Create a List for your Proofreading Task:

For best and complete proofreading task, you need to list down all the proofreading task on a paper. In this way, you will double check all the proofreading task. Make a list of things you need to check you may divide the proofreading task into a loop such as:

Loop 1: Spell-checking Task

Loop 2: Grammatical Errors

Loop 3: Sentences Formation Check

Loop 4: Learning Objective Check

Loop 5: Facts and Figure Check


  1. Recheck all the facts and Figures:

Recheck all your given facts and figure timely; a minor mistake in addressing a fact may fail to address the purpose of the essay. So, if you are using some facts and figure it should be correct with proper referencing.

  1. Recheck all the Names you introduce:

If your essay is based on a biography, then you have to be very careful while addressing the persona of a person.

  1. Read in a Loud Voice:

The most common technique for proofreading that actually has proven to be the best is to read your essay aloud. By reading it aloud you are actually activating your sense of hearing. This triggers your brain to understand the same essay from a different perspective. If you are clear with your words, then your readers will too understand what you want to say in your essay.

  1. Check Spelling from the dictionary:

Use good and authenticated dictionary for checking your spelling. There is a concern of British and American English if your teachers have specified some writing language then you need to take care of that too.

  1. Review Mistakes from Hard Copy:

For Best Practice, writers also suggest a hard copy technique. This technique requires a hard copy of your essay to proofread it with more concern.

  1. Use a Spell Checker or Grammar Checker:

For minimal chances of error, you may also use some grammar checkers online. There are several thousands of spell and grammar checker that are easily accessible in low or zero price.

  1. Read your Essay Back and Forth:

Another good technique for proofreading is to proofread with the bottom to top; reading the essay from backward will help you out in structuring your essay in a better way.

  1. Ask Help:

If you are confused with your Essay Writing Services, then you may ask help from your friends and classmates. You may also ask help your teachers; good teachers always appreciate students that ask questions or show concern. Your teacher will guide you the best about your topic. But, if you are still confused with your essay then you may seek help from an essay writing service. Essay Tigers is a very good writing service comprising of professional writers that will provide you with the best essay writing.


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